Fall trip to CT, RI, & MA


We took a week long trip to the Northeast for my husbands birthday. The trees where just starting to change colors so it was rather colorful. Some places we visited include The Breakers, Yale University, Martha’s Vineyard, Boston Public Gardens, and Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. The road trip was rather long- especially with a toddler and a five month old. Regardless of the hours and crying babies (ours just seem to have a strong dislike towards car seats), the trip was priceless. It was my first time in all three states and each state left a mark. The waterfronts were all super beautiful and the ocean water up north just seems so blue that it was just relaxing to look at. The people were are also super super nice and welcoming – guess they have to be with all the tourists they get year round. Anyways here’s a few photos from our trip! I’d definitely get up north if you haven’t been, the fall colors are the prettiest  (:


Family trip to Florida


To escape the cold Maryland weather we went on a small family vacation to Boca Raton, Florida for about a week. Its tough to to travel with a baby, especially a 9 month old who just refused to sit still but somehow we managed it and it was pretty fun. I had never been to Florida so I was excited to see the many beautiful tourist and local sights it has to offer. While there we stayed at a cute one bedroom airbnb and rented a car so we could drive to a few places. We visited Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and explored Boca Raton. I really loved all the palm trees and beach areas. The ocean drives were amazing and just made you feel calm and peace. It was relaxing to get away for a few days and stop the every day routine.


To Rome With Love ….     


My latest travel experience was flying to Rome, Italy for a cousin’s wedding. I’d been to Rome many many times before this trip, but it was the first trip with a newborn. At the time he was 2 months old and I was a little anxious about the 9 hour flight in a cramped airplane. I kind of assumed it would be a horrible flight full of crying and fussy people around us. BUT somehow, THANK GOD, my 2 month old behaved super well. No fussiness at all, I think he cried for less than 5 minutes on the way there and back. The whole trip was beautiful. I, along with my husband and newborn got to witness a marriage, stayed at a beach house, saw a split mountain, visited some catacombs, and saw many other memorable sights. Rome is full of history; you would probably spend a lifetime there and not discover or know everything there is to know. Loved our time there and was truly thankful for how well the baby handled it. He is a champ! If you haven’t traveled to Rome yet GO GO GO! Can’t say it enough- if you have the means and time its a trip you will never regret. And, as you can see traveling with a newborn doesn’t have to be a horrible & frighting experience; SO for you couples out there with a newborn- don’t be too anxious. It will be alright =)

California Loving ….            


I went to California in August 2016 as part of my honeymoon. It was extremely beautiful and peaceful. The scenery in California is very different from that of that of the east coast. It was green and blue all over and driving by the coast was breathtaking. The people also seem way more relaxed and live at a slower pace, which is something I truly enjoyed. I’d love to spend a few months in California just to explore and see the way of life. Hopefully that will happen in the future. For now I have to be content with the places I visited. I went to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco and both of those places I will always keep with me.  All those little moments I shared in California with my husband are unforgettable and remind me just how pretty and exciting life can be!