Life with a three month old

Having a newborn can be a terrifying and anxiety full experience. You hear endless stories about how a newborn consumes all of your free time and deprives you of sleep. The truth is that having a newborn IS extremely life-changing and one can NEVER be fully prepared for the extreme life changes that take place [...]

Life Happens .

Life happens and it happens fast. One day I was living at home with my parents and siblings and the next I'm married and I have a 3 month old! I don't know where time went but its crazy to think how much life can change in less than 12 months. I wouldn't change it [...]

California Loving ….

AUGUST 2016 I went to California in August 2016 as part of my honeymoon. It was extremely beautiful and peaceful. The scenery in California is very different from that of that of the east coast. It was green and blue all over and driving by the coast was breathtaking. The people also seem way more [...]