OBX 2020

Life during a pandemic and we managed to escape to the beach in Rodanthe, NC for a week. It was so need and worth it! The five hour drive that turned into eight hour drive was worth it. Vitamin sea is always so calming. I have always loved going to the beach and my toddlers [...]



We managed to escape to Cancun for a week (again) with our now almost 2 & 3 year old. And let me just say it was SUPER NICE buttt traveling with two under 3 is a lot of work! We got so lucky in so many aspects- travel time, weather, resort-- definitely a trip that [...]

Winter trip to Cancun

February 2019 First trip as a family of four!! What can I say? It was a beautiful trip. The DC weather tends to be brutal on little kids and this year both Luca & Lorenzo have had runny noses pretty much since the cold started. To escape the cold we went on a week long [...]

Fall trip to CT, RI, & MA

OCTOBER 2018 We took a week long trip to the Northeast for my husbands birthday. The trees where just starting to change colors so it was rather colorful. Some places we visited include The Breakers, Yale University, Martha’s Vineyard, Boston Public Gardens, and Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. The road trip was rather long- especially with [...]

Family trip to Florida

JANUARY 2018 To escape the cold Maryland weather we went on a small family vacation to Boca Raton, Florida for about a week. Its tough to to travel with a baby, especially a 9 month old who just refused to sit still but somehow we managed it and it was pretty fun. I had never [...]

California Loving ….

AUGUST 2016 I went to California in August 2016 as part of my honeymoon. It was extremely beautiful and peaceful. The scenery in California is very different from that of that of the east coast. It was green and blue all over and driving by the coast was breathtaking. The people also seem way more [...]