Be an Esther

Living in a world where God is nonexistent to so many people. It is scary and sad to say the least. As a Christian woman I hope to be strong and brave and live a life that reflects the fact that I was created by the one and only God. As women we are called [...]

Everyday Yummy Crepes

There are so many recipes to try out there. Any time I am doing research on a recipe it takes me forever to decide which one to choose. Usually when choosing a recipe we all decide based on a few key factors: ingredients, time it takes, easy vs. difficult recipe, and taste described. Well when [...]


Before I got married I used to read so many books about so many topics. It is always nice to sit and immerse yourself in a great read , even if its for a few minutes each day. Some of my favorite past reads are: The Last Lecture by Randy Paush How to Find Your Soulmate [...]