Live in the moment

Live in the moment

Earlier today I was scrolling through Pinterest and came by this quote —it definitely stuck with me! I was left contemplating how often I take in the moment I’m living in. The answer: not many times at all! As a mom it is so hard for me to live in the moment. Ever since I [...]

Winter trip to Cancun

February 2019 First trip as a family of four!! What can I say? It was a beautiful trip. The DC weather tends to be brutal on little kids and this year both Luca & Lorenzo have had runny noses pretty much since the cold started. To escape the cold we went on a week long [...]


Before I got married I used to read so many books about so many topics. It is always nice to sit and immerse yourself in a great read , even if its for a few minutes each day. Some of my favorite past reads are: The Last Lecture by Randy Paush How to Find Your Soulmate [...]