Hi all! I’m Caterina and I am a stay at home mother of two baby boys – irish twins to be exact. The second one came along rather quickly- everyone tells me they’ll be the best of  friends once they get older (hoping that is true)!!

I got married August 12th 2016 and the first baby came right away! Wasn’t planned, it was just meant to be I suppose. I went to school for Psychology: Christian Counseling, and was most recently a Pre-K teacher. I am also a Christian mother and wife and without God I don’t think I would be married or have children. To be a wife and mother is a vocation. In my experience, without the presence of God and prayer I would not be where I am today.

I was born in Rome, Italy and love love love my country! I try and go back as often as I can. I’ve traveled to many different countries over the past years and have really enjoyed traveling. I’ll be posting a page just for my travels so I can share pictures and some history. In my spare time (which is very rare) I enjoy baking, reading, writing, and photography. Please feel free to visit my portfolio by following this link: Photography Site 

My blog is mostly about the journey of motherhood. The struggles we all face as mothers and the many emotions and experiences we all go through on a daily basis.

In raising two boys I have witnessed A LOT and therefore I’m hoping to document some of the ups and downs I face each day. I hope my readers can somehow compare themselves to my stories and in a way acknowledge and appreciate the fact that we all go through the same experiences – maybe slightly different ones – but in the end we are all on the same journey. And that journey is one full of experiences in which we try to do the best we can as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, parents, etc.

I wish you all the very best and happy reading!


“The loveliest masterpiece
of the heart of God is
the love of a Mother.” 
-St. Therese of Lisieux

~ Wedding photos 08.12.2016 ~