OBX 2020

Life during a pandemic and we managed to escape to the beach in Rodanthe, NC for a week. It was so need and worth it! The five hour drive that turned into eight hour drive was worth it. Vitamin sea is always so calming. I have always loved going to the beach and my toddlers love it to. It was so relaxing spending times with family. My toddlers got to spend time with there cousins and had so much fun playing and running in the sand. I’ve always said that gong on vacation after having kids isn’t really going on vacation – and although I still think that is partly true, as they get older it also becomes a bit less stressful! They are walking now so we don’t have to drag a big ol heavy stroller on the sand (I know some of ya’ll know how I feel!!) It was also extremely comfortable having a house just a block from the beach so we could walk back and forth easily if need be. There is something about getting away each summer that is so nice – maybe a different scenery or ocean breeze is just needed every once in a while. I am so grateful that we were able to go – especially because I know many were not able to vacation because of coronavirus.

I truly hope that once 2020 ends we will all be able to catch a break and RELAX!! I know just about everyone wants to! Hope everyone had a somewhat ‘lovely’ summer and looking forward to the fall ♡

xo – Caterina

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