embracing the ‘new’ me

Since becoming a mom my body has undergone so may different stages + changes. And a lot of the changes included changing up my wardrobe and embracing the ‘new me.’ I’m sure many of us moms find it difficult to accept our new bodies once our babies arrive, even after a few months most of us do not go back to our exact previous self. We have many doubts, worries, and our self -esteem often fluctuates. For myself, I had two nine pound babies back to back so I’ll be honest: I gained a few bounds and A LOT of stretch marks. The number one thing I still struggle accepting to this day is the ‘new mom pouch’ that has decided to stay no matter how many walks I take, water I drink, sit-ups I do, and healthy diet I follow (hope I’m not alone on that one!)

As I continue to discover and accept the new me I have also come to find brands and shops that fit my mama bod better. I don’t particular want to be one of those moms that can’t dress stylish and feel good anymore because I had kids. That is certainly NOT ME, and I hope it will never be! I have always had a love for comfy BUT cute. Becoming a mom doesn’t have to be the end of all things cute and sexy; on the other hand we should all learn to EMBRACE our new bods and clothe them (maybe a bit differently) but still with a lot of fun + love.

Some of my favorite go to brands and shops for my ‘new’ me wardrobe are: Abercrombie, Express, AE (American Eagle), Venus, and Target. I can’t say enough about the above, but I have found several pieces of clothing (without spending a ton) that fit me perfectly and make me feel like my pre-baby self. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a new wardrobe, and you also don’t need hundreds of items. Having a few good ‘staples’ can go a long way. It’s always better to have one pair of good + lasting jeans then ten pairs you have to constantly replace. Especially nowadays were less is more I encourage you mamas to revamp that wardrobe. Get rid of all the unnecessary pieces that you seldom wear and invest in a few stylish + durable clothing articles. You will feel much better (I promise ♡)!

The links to my faves are below and although I didn’t point out exact pieces you’re always welcome to send me a message ♡

ABERCROMBIE: https://www.abercrombie.com

EXPRESS: https://www.express.com/

AERIE: https://www.ae.com

VENUS: https://www.venus.com

TARGET: https://www.target.com

High rise jeans and neutral tones are very in these days! Invest in a few of these and you’ll be set to go! I recycle a lot of staples and re wear them throughout the week. Accessories are great items to add to any outfit: a pair or earrings, a bag, and shoes can give a simple dress or jeans + white tee combo a completely different vibe than the day before! Don’t be afraid to try new things and to embrace your new bod. You are beautiful the way you are! If you’re a mama that recently gave birth remind yourself to have GRACE and PATIENCE with your ‘new’ self. You grew a little miracle in there – and it takes time to be yourself again.

No matter what is going on I hope us mamas can all BE PROUD of of ourselves, being a mom is by no means an easy task ♡

lots of love to all you mamas

xo – Caterina

PS: for those who want to follow me on Like To Know (LTK) here is the link: https://www.liketoknow.it/cate.meli – I tag all my comfy + affordable outfit choices!

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