We are getting close to the summer months and this pandemic has had us in doors for quite some time (whose counting anymore). While April and May are usually very exciting and busy months for us; we have three+ birthdays, parents anniversary, and mothers day to celebrate; this year was definitely a bit different. I had planned to throw a nice big birthday party for both of my boys, whom just turned 2 and 3 (two weeks apart). But since the pandemic came we decided against it – I guess God had other plans (for everyone). Instead we celebrated the birthdays as a family of four, (probably the first and last time we do that) since we both come from extremely LARGE families. And when I say large I mean my husband is one of twelve and I am one of eleven!! So yes this year the birthdays were celebrated a bit less chaotically =)

And while we didn’t have a moon bounce or 40+ people in our backyard we still tried to make the best of it and cherish the day for our two little guys. For one I made both cakes from scratch and they came out all right (if y’all are wondering). And my boys tend to lick off all the whipped cream so it was a win win for everyone.

I honestly CANNOT believe we have a two and three year old!! It sure is wild how fast time flies; its funny to think that just four years ago my husband and I were two single, young, and childless kids just doing our thing. God sure had a wonderful and crazy plan for us. I just tuned the big 3-0 a few days ago and I’m still a bit in shock… where did my twenties go!!! Personally growing older always makes me a bit sad, but I try not to dwell on that to much – how many of us daydream about what used to be! In just a few years your life can completely and drastically change – it definitely did for me. In the last four years alone I have gotten married, started jobs, had two kids, moved four times, traveled quite a big, and bought a house – just to name a few.

There’s been good times and bad times and crazy times and sad times – but overall I’d say I am blessed and fortunate. Many times I fail to see that just how fortunate I really am. Especially in these times of a pandemic – who would have ever thought we would live to see a crazy pandemic in 2020 where everything is SHUTDOWN!! I am lucky to have a roof over my had and a husband whose job allows him work from home and continue to get payed- many other’s have not been as fortunate and are struggling to make ends meet. Times like these should make us thankful for what we have; I am blessed to have everything I need and I know that God is in control at all times and that He provides in HIS time, not mine.

Many times I fail to realize just how blessed my family is – it is so easy to fall into a pattern of complaining and seeing everything as a burden. My feelings definitely get the best of me countless times. I for one have to work on catching myself before I fall into the trap of thinking negatively. While I believe it is important to acknowledge when you are struggling and to ask for help when you needed, I also think its important to take a step back and view what you are going through with a different perspective. Every time I find myself complaining about being stuck inside with two very wild and challenging toddlers, I should STOP and THINK about those around me. Its difficult and I have to remind myself often to stop the negative thoughts – but I do think I trying and that is all I can do. Being a mother, wife, and trying to be your own person is tough (to say the least). Motherhood is a long, tedious, 24/7 job and it takes its toll.

But overall, I want to say that if you are reading this, and like me are a mama that sometimes falls short, remember – you are not alone! I am with you and I pray that you can lift yourself back up and not give up!! While being a mom is EXTREMELY hard it is also a blessing that comes with a lot of love and many rewards; and for that I am thankful ♡ ♡


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