Growing a home

2019 flew by AND so much happened! Most importantly … WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOME!!! After three years of marriage, and three moves it was definitely needed – to say the least! Moving in general can be exhausting and stressful, and when you add kids to the mix its just not fun. I’ll say we were lucky and everything worked out perfectly for us! It’s funny how things just fall into place exactly at the right time; in our circumstances the rent was getting ridiculous so we just decided (rather randomly) to start looking at some homes. After about four weekends of seeing around 15 – 20 houses my husband and I agreed (after much discussion) on one we both thought we could make ours and grow into. And lucky for us it just so happened that we had the exact amount of money in our savings that was needed for a down payment – another reason we knew we were making the right decision. God works in mysterious ways – in his timing everything always ends up working out better than we expect it!

Now that we bought a home its nice to now that we don’t have to move every year! And although I was stressed out just a bit about buying a home (comes with plenty of responsibilities) I trust that we made the right decision for our family. And our kids definitely love having way more room and a nice size yard!! Every time we leave the house you hear ‘bye casa’ (casa = house) from the back seat =)

Obviously growing a home doesn’t necessarily have to begin with buying a house, but for me it feels like we have something that is finally ours and that we can do with what we want – its definitely a welcomed feeling. Growing a home has much more to do with just a purchase – its more about making a space yours and filling it with love. So much goes into having and growing a home – making memories, sharing good times and bad times, welcoming friends, starting new traditions, cooking together, praying together, celebrating birthdays and holidays – just a few of the things that come to mind when speaking about my desires for my home.

Growing a home is making a safe haven for you family. A home is something you want to come home to every day and just be able to relax – even if its just for a few moments. We have had our home for just about three months and we’ve already made many memories and shared many moments of love and laughter (among other things).

One of my favorite quotes, by Mother Teresa, says:

This simple quote is what a home should consist of – love. Love is central to growing a home and it is a necessary component of a family.

In today’s society many people take having a family and a home for granted – its so easy to come home and do your own thing behind closed doors. Who doesn’t want peace and quiet after a long day at work? I’m sure everyone does; and yet life is so so short. Not everyone is blessed to have a home and/or a family. I wish that instead of closing those doors we would encourage each other to spend time with those in our home and those you hold dear to your heart. Life is a gift and before you know it, flashes before your eyes. There’s times that I still cannot come to terms with the fact that I’ve been married for three years and have two toddlers – its still such a strange concept to me – and yet here I am: 2020 with a new house – life sure moves fast!!

In this new year I hope that everyone can begin to foster more love for those that surround you – cherish the moments you are given and make as many memories as you can with those you love. Life is a gift and it should not be taken for granted. I for one pray and hope that I can love my husband and my children every day. I hope that I can continue to grow a home that is welcoming and where my family and anyone else who comes through the doors can feel peace and love. My goal for this year is to strive to cherish every little moment and to grow a home with love.

Cherish all the moments you have with those around you – life is short – and it is not guaranteed ♡

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