Just like that summer time has come and gone …

This summer was full of many adventures – our greatest I’d say is the three weeks we were able to spend in Italy. We traveled to various cities and saw many many beautiful and memorable places!

It was the first time traveling over seas with our two lively toddlers ~ and that in itself was an adventure. We had originally planned and hoped that they would sleep for a majority of the way there (which is why we got a red eye flight) but instead they were wide awake for quite a few hours. Toddlers are just unpredictable !! The flight was very long and just a bit on the uncomfortable side, lucky for us we had more leg room and still it was tough. Once we made it to Rome we still had to pick up our rental car, go find our stroller which went MIA, pick up our luggage, and lastly head to our destination. After about 20+ hours of travel time we were able to catch a break and sleep a little.

The next three weeks were spent driving to countless locations. We went to many beautiful churches, saw the sanctuary of St Francis of Assisi, got to visit a gorgeous medieval castle, swam in the most lovely and refreshing lake, ate plenty of gelato and other delicious foods, went hiking on the Path of Gods, and even had our own private pool for a week! It was beautiful to say the least but it was also a bit tiring and stressful. I must say that I do look forward to a vacation without my crazy toddlers =)

Since becoming a mother vacation has taken on a new meaning; honestly its ‘vacation’ but not really ~ if you know what a mean. You are constantly having to entertain and finding a moment of peace and quiet can be quite difficult, if not impossible. A lot of the time was spent running after our two ACTIVE boys and buying endless amounts of milk; in Italy they do not sell milk in gallons and it does not last more than three or four days (side note for you all traveling to Europe with toddlers).

I am thankful that we are able to travel to Italy because I know many people don’t get the chance to travel. I am grateful for the beautiful memories we made and especially because I was able to introduce my two children to my aunts, uncles, cousins, and especially to my grandmother. It was a beautiful experience full of ups and downs just like any other day and nonetheless it was unforgettable and worth every single penny!

My husband and I also celebrated our third marriage anniversary August 12th and spent a beautiful evening having dinner and watching the Broadway musical Aladdin. God is good!! I can look back at this summer and say thank you for the many beautiful experiences and thank you for another year of marriage ♡

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