The start to our fun-filled Summer

The warm weather has finally approached the Washington, DC area and we couldn’t be MORE thrilled. After being cooped up inside our two bedroom apartment all winter long it sure feels good to get out and enjoy the sun. We started out Summer with some water fun, playgrounds, and strawberry picking!

I had never been strawberry picking (or anything picking for that matter). I came across it on Facebook and figured why not? I gotta keep these two boys busy somehow and getting out the house is a must during the week. We went to Butler’s Orchard in Germantown, MD for some strawberry fun. Weather was on our side and it wasn’t too hot or too cold and I must say the boys loved it – particularly Lorenzo who picked some of his own strawberries and happened to take a bite or two along the way! We spent a few hours on the field picking berries and then visited the farm and play area, which are right across the street from the fields. A few hours well spent and the boys really enjoyed themselves.

It can definitely be a challenge to find different activities to keep these toddlers busy throughout the summer – I know we’ll be vising plenty of splash pads and playgrounds in the coming month. The weather will hopefully cooperate and we’ll be able to spend a few hours outdoors each day – my boys love to be outside and even though it can be frustrating to keep them both from running off it’s always better to be outdoors than indoors! What outdoor activities do you mamas love to do with your kids?

In July we’ll be traveling to my home country – ITALY! We will spend a few weeks in different cities enjoying the various sights. We are SOOOO excited. The travel there and back will be a pain (and I’m trying to be optimistic) – but it’s to be expected with a one year old and a two year old. If you have any tips on flying with toddlers PLEASE send them my way – it’ll be an 8-hr flight to Rome. I’m hoping and praying that they will sleep the majority of the way to be honest. I’m definitely planning on packing plenty of snacks, books, and different toys to keep them entertained – hopefully it won’t be as bad as I think it will be 😉 I will post an update once we get back!!

For now I’ll post a few photos of the beginning of our Summer – these boys LOVE LOVE LOVE to be outdoors!

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