entertaining my two little wild ones ♡

It’s May and I’ve got two toddlers in the house – and they are active little wild ones to say the least. They both celebrated birthdays in the past two weeks so we’ve had an exciting two weeks – plenty of cake and a whole lot of new toys!

My first born, Lorenzo, turned two and has learned to jump, skip, and blow out candles (just in time for his birthday which was May 1st). He is becoming more active as the days go by and it sure has been difficult to keep him entertained all day long. Recently I have found it close to impossible to keep him busy all day so I’ve definitely been guilty of turning to YouTube and TV shows for help! And yes I hate to do that because it makes me feel like I cant handle my own child but sometimes I just find myself in need of a break from the non stop running, wrestling, and mom – calling. Honestly I know why moms rely on media as a source of entertainment for our young ones – IT IS SO HARD to not turn it on at some point in the day. Kudos to the moms who have a no electronics policy for their kids. I always thought I’d have a no TV policy for my kids and honestly I definitely think it is healthier to not have your kids watch TV on end but I certainly have not been able to keep my word. Downside is also that my now two year old wakes up in the morning asking for the TV to be turned on (which is not something I like since it comes with nagging and a lot of crying). I know that TV should be my last resort and really I should try to stick to this rule but the truth is that being a mother is a full time never ending job and IT GETS TIRING!! How I wish I had enough energy to entertain my boys all day long and not get impatient or burnt out. The fact is that we mothers DO get tired – every day – of the cleaning, and feeding, and changing, and bathing (which thankfully my husband does), and crying, and whining, and the list goes on and on. As much as I’d love to say no to my TV I also know that once I day I need a little peace or I will lose it – I hope I am not the only one struggling with that! Mamas out there with young kids feel free to pass on your ideas for entertaining a high energy two year old who loves wrestling his younger brother all day long – suggestions are definitely welcome 🙂 . As much as I hope to establish a better routine in the next few months that incorporates less TV time and more play I know that it will be a challenge for us all!

My second born, Luca, turned one on April 17th and started walking a day before his birthday!! I have never seen a child so eager to walk – he took his first few wobbly steps and he was ready to walk like a big kid. Pretty sure he mastered walking within a day, as unbelievable as that may sound! He is definitely a bit more on the stubborn side and isn’t afraid to show it- he particularly enjoys putting up fights when it comes to certain things (mostly getting dressed, changing diapers, and taking a nap). As he becomes more independent day by day it’s been exciting watching him make a place for himself as the little brother. He is learning everything so much faster than my first born – seems like he is growing up way fast! Discovering ‘how fun’ it is getting into just about everything has become one of his favorite pass times – why is that kids love to do what they aren’t supposed to?! Something I have enjoyed watching recently is the interaction between my boys, even though half the time they are stealing toys out of each others hands (the beauty of having siblings). Working on sharing is a constant battle! Most of all Luca spends his time destroying anything in his path, particularly Lorenzo’s train track 😂 (almost always results in some crying). He is one tough cookie and is definitely brings joy to our family. I honestly can’t believe a year went by so quickly, his smiles and laughter are contagious and brighten our days!

The interaction between my two boys usually puts a smile on my face (the wrestling isn’t much fun to watch since I almost always have to intervene and save Luca). I love to watch them together – especially when they are in their ‘lets be happy and nice to each other’ moods. They love love love to have dance parties and kick the ball around and they both really enjoy being outdoors – probably their favorite time of the day. They are wild little explorers and don’t seem to hesitate in trying new things. Being a mother of two boys so close in age to each other can be described into this short phrase: having my hands full (I hear this every single day from people in my building who probably think I’m a bit crazy for having two toddlers a year apart). Yes I have my HANDS FULL but my heart is full as well – full of love and joy for the two blessings that God has given my husband and I. As parents we are always tired and on the go and sometimes it feels like we never get a chance to have a moment to ourselves. That is what parenthood is – its an act of selfless giving that never ends – and that giving comes with unconditional love that can’t be found elsewhere. So yes I spend most of my days probably looking tired and somewhat disheveled but I know that’s OK. At the end of the day God gave me this family to love and care for till the very end and for that I am grateful ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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