Live in the moment

Earlier today I was scrolling through Pinterest and came by this quote —it definitely stuck with me! I was left contemplating how often I take in the moment I’m living in. The answer: not many times at all!

As a mom it is so hard for me to live in the moment. Ever since I was a teen I’ve always felt the desire to fast-forward, wanting to see what’s next up in my life. I have never been one to take it all in, to slow down, and to just live in the present. It has always been extremely difficult, if not impossible for me to just be happy and satisfied with the day I am living.

It feels so easy to just always want something else. We are always looking to the future – will it be better? Will it bring me closer to what I want? Will I be more patient? Will I be able to buy a house? Will my child be successful? ect. Always overly occupied thinking about things that are really unimportant in the moment. We live in a society that tells us the opposite of ‘take in this moment.’

On the contrary, our society is always telling us to look ahead, to plan the next steps, to know what you’re going to do tomorrow, next week, in two months. We never stop and take in the moment – we’re to busy planning our future. We spend the day on fast forward —how many of us work all day long, get home, cook dinner, do chores or run errands, prep for the next day, go to sleep and then wake up to do it all over again?

Its not in us to stop and take it in – we are not used to living in the moment and just enjoying it. Its really very unfortunate because the simple truth is that we aren’t promised tomorrow and the moments we live today we cannot re-live tomorrow.

As a mother I spend so much time doing chores, cooking, chasing after my boys, and complaining about my day! I seldom stop to take in the moment. I don’t ever stop and think that I wont be able to re-live this day. Many times at the end of the day I think to myself ‘great, I get to do this all over again tomorrow!’ What a terrible sarcastic attitude I have sometimes!! No two days are the same and when it comes to staying at home with my children I should take up an attitude of gratitude. Being a stay at home mom will not last forever!

I’m so glad to have read that quote because tomorrow is not promised and today is what we are given. God gives us each day as a gift and we should take advantage of that and live our best life. Learn to take in ALL the moments and try as hard as we can to ENJOY them because its true that life is short and what we have today we might not have tomorrow. As a mother I watch my kids grow each day, each day they learn something knew or they get better at something they just learned. It sometimes amazes me how fast they are growing and learning. I should really try my best to take in all these beautiful moments and to enjoy every day that is given to me because before you know it the days, weeks, months, and years pass.

If you’re reading this I hope you get to take a second to stop and take it all in. We don’t get to live this moment twice so wherever you find yourself I hope you get the chance to stop, think, and enjoy!


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