I wish patience grew on trees

I really really really hope my children don’t remember how many times I’ve lost my patience with them. Just today I think I’ve already yelled at them about 100 times if not more (the day isn’t even half over yet). It’s pretty ridiculous. I doubt yelling at a 9 month old and 20 month old will help the situation…and yet I find myself raising my voice over and over again.

Why is it so hard to not lose your mind when it comes to two small kids? It blows my mind just how upset I can get at times. Whats crazy is that most of the times they can’t even help it because they are too young to understand so really yelling is such a waste of time.

Patience is such a daily struggle. I really don’t know how mothers who have multiple children do it. Both my mother and mother in law had a lot more children than I have (and by a lot I mean TEN and ELEVEN respectively) and somehow they managed to raise us up well. I doubt I’ll ever even be close to the amount of patience they must have had to raise that amount of children.

I really wish that patience grew on trees cause it is my number one struggle with being a stay at home mom. If only I had a little more patience in every situation at home then every situation would be that much easier. It really should be that simple. How hard is it to count to 5 every time and give them and myself one more chance before I lose it? Shouldn’t be difficult at all and yet I can never seem to do that.

I hope they don’t grow up thinking their mother is a mean impatient person; even though I’d understand if they do! In being a Christian first and foremost I should learn to pray pray pray for patience because God knows I need it. In my every day life patience could come in handy in so many daily happenings. Being a wife and mother is an impossible task without the presence of God. It is truly by His mercy that I get a chance to do it over again every day and every day I struggle to better myself as a wife and mother. I hope that with time and willingness to love and care for my children my patience will grow little by little.

In being a mother my goal is to pass on faith and in order to do so I must treat my children the way God treats me. I recently started reading “Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas. It speaks about caring for, rearing, training, and loving our children profoundly so that our character and ultimately their character can resemble that of God. I haven’t gotten to much into the book yet because it can be difficult to find ‘quiet reading’ time with a toddler and a baby -but so far it has been a great eye opener for me! As a parent I have been given the gift of children and my purpose is to worship and glorify God in all of my actions. If I think about that every time I am about to lose my patience than my character would quickly see a dramatic change. All the yelling would be replaced with loving  actions – which is what God has placed me in their lives for. My purpose is to teach them and raise them spiritually. I truly hope that with every passing day I can work on becoming more selfless, resembling God,  and loving my children in a more patient way.

To my lovely boys: I promise tomorrow I’ll do better.

2 thoughts on “I wish patience grew on trees

  1. I so wish patience grew on trees! I would love for you to check out my page! If you are interested at working out at home, and releasing some of the mom stress please reach out!! ❤️

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