It’s that time of the year . . .

Hard to believe that Christmas is in about 2 weeks. December 2018 , another beautiful Christmas coming right up! This year we have another ‘first Christmas’ to celebrate with little Luca (who really isn’t that little anymore). Luca is about to turn eight months old and is growing at pretty amazing speeds, just like his brother Lorenzo (who is now nineteen months) he seems to in the above average percentile in just about every category! Those dad genes are forever taking over.


Unlike last year we went out and bought a Christmas tree this year!! It’s an artificial one TBH but it’s getting the job done! It’s a pretty beautiful tree and sure lights up our living room and somehow it has not been destroyed by our toddler yet (thank God)! I was pretty anxious about getting a tree and decorating with all kinds of ornaments because I was expecting that our nineteen month old wouldn’t waste a second getting his hands on it (I’ve heard many stories). Thus far SURPRISINGLY he’s actually been pretty good!!! Despite the occasional soccer ball getting hit its way our tree is still intact and standing! Cheers to that!

It’s pretty entertaining to see these two little humans growing and developing their own personalities. They have such strong personalities and really are fun to watch. The occasional tantrums do drive me crazy – to say the least – but patience is something I am always working on. It still shocks me to think I have a 19 month old and an 8 month old. To be a mother has been one of the greatest adventure thus far. It is a 24 hr non endless job and the tiredness seems to follow you everywhere. The anxiety, stress, worries seems to always be present. And yet it seems to all be worth it on the occasional great days when you stop and think about all the beautiful memories you’ve made as a family ; )

I don’t really know how moms with a lot of kids do it – I have 2 and I seem to think its impossible!! But yet we have made it thus far and I thank God for the days he has given me with these two little ‘angels.’ Boys are definitely a handful! Anyways to all you lovely moms out there keep it up – you all are AMAZING ❤ â¤

~ and Happy Holidays from my little munchkins


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