Living with irish twins …

When Luca came along on the morning of April 17th, 2018 I had no idea what life would be like with two boys -eleven months apart. This second pregnancy was smoother than the first and went by much faster. The delivery was long and scary and like my first, Luca weighed around 9 lbs – looks like we got the big baby genes. The first few weeks took some getting used to, with a newborn needing to be fed around the clock and my almost one year old needing his own time & attention. I don’t know how I would have done it without all the help I received from my family. Having one child is already a lot – having two so close in age is pretty darn draining. Thank God for hubbys paternity leave; probably would have gone crazy watching these boys on my own for the first three months.

Fast forward five months and life has slowly become smoother and less stressful. As the boys keep on growing it has been fun watching them reach new milestones and interact with each other. Luca came out the opposite of Lorenzo (his older brother). Pretty chill and easy going five month old to say the least. His smiley and chubby cheeks are fitting in perfectly with the fam. Second time around was easier – probably because I already had an idea on how to take care of a newborn. In all honesty he is a happy little guy who actually sleeps through some nights!! Super grateful for that because Lorenzo still tends to wake up for a bottle or two during the night (one of these days we’ll wean him off that night bottle).

Lorenzo, our sixteen month old, definitely keeps us on our toes! As soon as he turned one he started walking, climbing, running, and pretty much throwing anything in his path. He is a super active and life loving little explorer who is not so easy to tire out. He is constantly needing to be entertained which can be tiring and difficult while also caring for a five month old. Despite his overall attention needing it has been a beautiful thing watching him settle in as a ‘big brother’ for Luca. Yes there’s times where he just randomly decides to throw something at Luca, but theres also times where he hugs him, pets his head, plays with his feet and tries to talk to him. Those moments are moments that make me smile and appreciate them being so young and close in age. And on days that aren’t so easy going moments like that make being a stay at home mother so much more joyful. With time, and as soon as Luca starts to crawl, I’m sure Lorenzo will become more and more loving and playful as a big brother.

As for myself being the mother of Irish twins has surely been helping me work on my patience. I still lose it plenty of times and am not as loving and caring as I think I should be but then again that is an every day struggle just about everyone deals with. We often lose patience for others in our daily lives , wherever we find ourselves. I’ve learned that working on patience and putting others before myself will be a life long thing because being a stay at home mom is very far from being an easy and stress free task. In the meantime I will keep watching these two beautiful blue eyed boys grow and I will do my best to appreciate every moment I get with them because life moves super fast and before I know it they’ll be all independent.

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