Time just seems to fly by …

And just like that we’ve passed the nine month mark. Its pretty crazy to think that my little man has been out in the world for longer than he was inside my tummy. We are currently crawling super fast, standing, practicing our pincer grasp, clapping, babbling, and exploring food options. How time flies – before you know it your ‘baby’ is no longer a baby.

The last few months have been super busy watching Lorenzo learning and achieving the many different milestones that come with this age. No one really prepares you for it, one day they just start crawling and there goes that – off to exploring and adventure they go. It’s an extraordinary feeling watching your child learn so many little things with each passing day. Lorenzo was army crawling for about a month and one day decided to pick his little behind up; so now  he just scoots all over the place on his hands and knees – and thank God for that because he is getting quite heavy. The best part in the developmental milestones we’re hitting is watching him become independent, he is just this smart, little, funny creature who is ready to walk and munch on everything that he passes. His current favorite are dad’s slippers and socks!! Funny and incredible at the same time. Babies are so amazing to watch. They have so much to learn and so much to experiment with that they are constantly on the move despite the crankiness and tiredness.

With all the awesome milestones babies are achieving at this point in their lives also come numerous parental worries and frustrations – especially for those of us who are first time moms. The constant unbalance that leads to falls, hitting objects and furniture while exploring, chewing on items, and all over the place sleep patterns can sometimes drive us up the wall. As for me I think the toughest developmental milestone has to do with the introduction of solid foods and finger foods. I am somewhat of an anxious individual (which I got from my mother – thanks mom :). So anytime he seems to be choking – which usually happens to be gagging – I tend to freak out. The process of food introduction has been somewhat slow. We are just starting to chew on puffs and teething crackers. Despite the over-anxious mom in me we are getting better and better at chewing and swallowing and I am somewhat becoming less paranoid with every passing day (very very slowly; which has definitely been driving my husband crazy). But what family doesn’t have their ups & downs? Comes with the joy of having children I’d say.

All these passing moments are really to show us that life is such an amazing journey and we seldom stop and truly appreciate it. I mean I sit and complain just about 75% of every single day. I’d love to be doing something else and be somewhere else at times and yet I am at home with my little man. And in the midst of what can sometimes be boredom, anger, and desire to escape I forget to thank God for what he has given me and continues to give me. Watching Lorenzo grow helps every now and then because it shows me how fragile and beautiful life truly is. Instead of feeling frustrated with life in general I should learn to look on the bright side and see how good God has been with me and my family. His generosity is something we cannot take for granted – there is so many people out there who are alone and depressed and do not have a chance to experience love and family. So to all my struggling moms and dads and anyone else out (married or unmarried) don’t forget to be grateful and thankful! Watching Lorenzo grow has taught me how time flies and it really does so just stop and be happy at least once a day, it can change your perspective on life.

Happy Tuesday =)

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