Life with a 5 month old: patience, patience, & patience

How can one little smiling baby be such a handful? I come from a family of 11 children, I happen to be the fifth of eleven and have seen my mom raise many of us one after the other since there wasn’t much of an age difference between each child. I seriously question how in the world she managed to go through the pain of childbirth year after year and raise child after child. With the crying, the feeding, the endless change of clothing, the sleep deprivation, teething pain, the expenses, the headaches, etc [you get the picture]. She must have been overwhelmed for about thirty years of her life taking care of that many. I have to believe that she was an extremely patient mother, who I’m sure lost it at times, but nonetheless put each child before her own needs and desires year after year. I think that without her faith in God none of that would have been possible. She was and currently still is such a strong, patient, and loving mother – and grandmother, and I think a lot of that attributes to the fact that she believed that doing the will of God would bring her joy. Growing up in a Christian family I was raised with certain values and beliefs – one of them being that each of us has been called to a vocation (it may be as a single, married, or religious). Like my mother, my current vocation is to be a mother and how difficult it can be! One day I hope I can reach the level of patience that my mom has because thus far I feel constantly impatient when it comes to raising my child.

At my age my mother already had five of us. I currently have one soon to be five month old and he drives me crazy just about every day. He is a super active, twenty-minute nap taker, kind of kid. Currently waking up and ready to go at six am. After a night of constantly interrupted sleep there is almost no way I approach his six am wake up with a smile on my face. I actually probably spend about twenty minutes desperately trying to put him back to sleep, which just about always fails. One of these days I’ll give up on that and just pick him up.

Patience is obviously lacking here. Patience is what I have to work on every single day because I’ve yet to be able to go through a day with him where I don’t lose my patience and wish I had waited longer to have a child. My limited patience and constant desire to do anything other than accept my vocation of being a mother often show me just how much I need God in my life to handle the ups and downs of motherhood. My son is just a little five month old-looking for love and affection. He is how God created him to be and can’t help but cry, spit up, and need constant diaper changes, among other things. And since he cannot take care of himself just yet, he relies on myself and my husband to fulfill those needs for him. God put this tiny little human in our lives to care for him and raise him in a way we see fit, with values and beliefs that hopefully one day will lead him to have a close relationship with God. In saying that, I myself hope that I can be a good example for him and show him how blessed I am to have been given the chance to be his mother – in a world where many either can’t have children or do not want any. Being a mother is a blessing and because God has allowed my husband and I to bring this child into the world it is our duty to be loving, caring, and patient, patient, patient, parents. I struggle with patience a lot of time and I pray that with time I can follow my mom’s example and be as patient as she is. I will always face difficult moments or times where I want to give up, but my hope is that I can think of how lucky I am to have been given this vocation. Without God I know that it would 1000 times more difficult to wake up in the morning and go through the daily routine with my son. Patience is a gift and I pray for it every single day.


Love you, and one these days I’ll meet your six am wake up with a SMILE (=

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