Life with a three month old

Having a newborn can be a terrifying and anxiety full experience. You hear endless stories about how a newborn consumes all of your free time and deprives you of sleep. The truth is that having a newborn IS extremely life-changing and one can NEVER be fully prepared for the extreme life changes that take place when you welcome a new creation into the world – no matter how many books you read or classes you take. A newborn is SUPER time consuming and your life will be flipped upside down before you know it. And yet despite all of the changes there is something beautiful and peaceful about welcoming a new baby into the family. It’s like a happiness that cannot be described. One of those little (BIG) moments that you will cherish forever.

When my son was born I was extremely stressed and anxious and terrified. I really wasn’t as happy as I thought I should have been – I was tired and crying basically throughout my whole delivery of 20+ hours. I was surrounded by two of my sisters, my mother, my husband, and several doctors and nurses throughout the whole process. All I remember is that after giving birth all I really wanted was for it to stop hurting. Over the next few hours after giving birth we settled into our new room for the next few days. It is there that I got to experience what it was like being a first time mom. Terrifying and tiring yet again {to put it in simple terms} ! Something you can never really be prepared for. I had a very tiring delivery and even afterwards I had an extremely difficult time with breastfeeding and getting adjusted to the countless changes that were surrounding me.

Now that my son is three months old I can finally and thankfully say that I have started adjusting to being a mom and have become just a ‘little’ more relaxed- definitely thanks to all of my family. I think that my husband and God are to credit for my less neurotic self. Without them I would still be in despair- no doubt! Feedings, bathing, changes, taking him out, clothing him, and playing with him have all become a lot easier when compared to the first few days. It is true when they say that time heals. Time has definitely helped me to adjust and it has helped me in becoming a more loving & patient mother – not to say that I don’t lose it from time to time. From where I was then and where I am now there have been some changes and my 3 month old is a beautiful chubby smiling baby. He grows physically and intellectually every day. He fills my heart with happiness every time his little face has a big smile on it and I thank God for allowing my husband and I to parent such a wonderful & intelligent little man.

My moments of anxiety and sadness due to the many life changes that come with having a newborn become less and less each day and the happy little moments I get to spend with my blue eyed three month old seem to be increasing. For the moms that are struggling in adjusting and accepting motherhood remember that you are not alone. Try to take note of the little moments that make you smile and cherish the time you have with your little one/s. It passes by way too fast!

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