For all the moms out there

​For those mommies out there, you know becoming a mother comes with many ups & many downs. I for one experienced a lot of downs as soon as my bundle of joy came out. PPD can be a real joy sucker!! I wish I could say that up to this day I’ve been super happy and satisfied with how I’ve been adjusting, but honestly I’ve hit a lot of road bumps and I know they won’t go away. Motherhood comes with tiredness, weary eyes, a lot of crying and some sadness. But I have to say that besides all of the sad times there have also been plenty of beautiful and happy moments with my little smiling boy. For one, every time I go and say good morning to him he is waiting for me with a smile. It’s the little happy moments that we mothers have to remember in the midst of the struggles! I love my little man and I wouldn’t trade him for the world {on most days}!! 🙂 For all you mommies out there who are struggling, know that you are not and never will be alone! Keep your head up and remember to count your blessings.


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