To Rome With Love ….   


My latest travel experience was flying to Rome, Italy for a cousin’s wedding. I’d been to Rome many many times before this trip, but it was the first trip with a newborn. At the time he was 2 months old and I was a little anxious about the 9 hour flight in a cramped airplane. I kind of assumed it would be a horrible flight full of crying and fussy people around us. BUT somehow, THANK GOD, my 2 month old behaved super well. No fussiness at all, I think he cried for less than 5 minutes on the way there and back. The whole trip was beautiful. I, along with my husband and newborn got to witness a marriage, stayed at a beach house, saw a split mountain, visited some catacombs, and saw many other memorable sights. Rome is full of history; you would probably spend a lifetime there and not discover or know everything there is to know. Loved our time there and was truly thankful for how well the baby handled it. He is a champ! If you haven’t traveled to Rome yet GO GO GO! Can’t say it enough- if you have the means and time its a trip you will never regret. And, as you can see traveling with a newborn doesn’t have to be a horrible & frighting experience; SO for you couples out there with a newborn- don’t be too anxious. It will be alright =)

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